The Atlas Ballroom

A bar meant for hanging out with your friends in Bloomington, Indiana

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Thursday - Sunday, 7PM to 12AM with limited capacity. Carryout available.

South of the square between 3rd &4th streets.


Because of COVID-19 we strongly recommend reservations.

Make a reservation

Reservation limitations

Appointments are 90 minutes and are limited to 1/day.

Max table size: 6

There's no cost to make an appointment but we do ask you to provide a card number to cover a $20 no show fee. If you don't show up and/or don't cancel at least an hour before your appointment.

We also reserve the right to cancel up to an hour before your appointment, just in case we don't have enough reservations to cover our costs.

We may accept walk-ins if our limited capacity is not met with upcoming appointments.

COVID guidelines

To be welcome at the Atlas you must follow these simple rules designed to keep things safe for everyone.

  1. Masks required for entry (covering nose & mouth).
  2. Masks up anytime you’re not sitting and drinking, including when staff approaches your table.
  3. Patio limited to 6 people with no drinks outside.
  4. No table hopping.
  5. All drinks must remain at table.
  6. Treat staff and other patrons with respect and at least 6 feet of space.
  7. Tip well, knowing staff are taking health risks for themselves and their families.
  8. No bar seating.

How to order

When you get to your table there is a QR code you point your smartphone camera at that will lead you to the menu.

Once you check out on that website, your drinks will be delivered to your table as soon as they're ready.

We make no guarantees of safety from COVID-19. Like everyone we're taking precautions because we care about you, our staff, and our community. Stay safe. Mask up.

Carry out

We do have carryout available during our open hours!

Place carry out order

Pick up guidelines

  1. You must wear a mask.
  2. Only one person inside to pick up your order.
  3. Bring and show your ID.

When you come to pick up your carry out just let the staff at the door know, they'll check your ID and then you can walk through and pick up your order with your name on it.

Special orders

If there is a particular item you'd like that we don't have available online, email us and we'll make it available for purchase if we have it!

The rest

We have been around for almost 10 years now (thank you all!) and we've had to increase our prices because our costs have increased. Thanks for your understanding and continued support!

instagram: @theatlasballroom
twitter: @atlasballroom
facebook: @theatlasballroom